Articolo di: Yutaka Asami Sensei (Kendo Kyoshi 8 Dan)

When you practice basic skills, in what order do you practice?

Shikake-waza】 =techniques of attack to the opponent.
As an example, in the order of “1⇒2⇒3”.

1. Your Shinai (top of Shinai) get the opponent’s center line (Tsuki part) and strike (= the opponent’s Shinai top goes out of the center).
In order to do so, your posture(=Kamae) better than opponent’s posture.
Your Shinai get of the opponent’s center of the posture, split from the Left or right, and strike to Men, right Kote, Tsuki.

When it is difficult to control with the Kamae (the opponent’s Shinai does not go out from his center), go to next(2nd).

2. Break the opponent’s Kamae and attack to strike.
How to break(A & B) the opponent’s Kamae,

A: Use the three slaughter methods (San Sappo ; kill the Ken, kill the Ki, kill the Waza).
● To kill the Ken, opponent’s Shinai by your Shinai :①whisk off, ② hold down, ③ roll, ④ strike down.
● To overwhelm your mind, overwhelm and squeeze with spirit, Kiai=voice, breathing, and the top of Shinai.
It is also possible to make the opponent idle away.
● To kill the Waza, grasp the attack sign and don’t let his Waza go out.

B: Turn or change attack way(* Asami means these are dislike)  ①Change in the middle of swinging a Shinai
Ex. From center or left Men to right Men
Show from top to bottom = fake Men to Do, show it as a Men to Kote
②Change steps (right and left, front and back, use of wide and small)
③Change timing (speed difference, change of tempo, divert away)

If you attack with 1. or 2. , the opponent will respond (defense), go to next(3rd)

3. Attack by continuous techniques.
● Use two Waza : Kote-Men, Men-Men, Men-Do, Tsuki-Men, Tsuki-Kote, etc.
● Use three Waza : Kote-Men-Do, Kote-Kote-Men, Kote-Men-Men,Tsuki-Men-Men, Tsuki-Kote-Men, etc.
● Oikomi( many attacks to hit parts on forward)